Enrich Bark Mulch

Enrich Bark Mulch provides an excellent finish to tree and shrub beds. It is manufactured from 100% natural bark. The final product is mid-to-dark brown in appearance and is graded to 30 mm to ensure consistency and remove oversize particles.

Enrich Topsoil

Enrich Topsoil is rich in organic nutrients which are slowly released, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. It increases active organic matter which is essential for soil health and increases root development in plants. It also provides a food source for beneficial micro organisms

Enrich Compost

Enrich Compost is a natural product and a great way of putting energy back in to poor performing soil. This peat free organic mixture has been finely screened to create a finished product rich in essential nutrients and organic matter.

Clare Topsoil supplies premium grade topsoil, compost and bark mulch. We are the exclusive supplier of Enrich  Landscaping Products throughout Clare and Limerick. We deliver 1 tonne bags in a small truck with a crane for easy and fast unloading. Clare Topsoil is committed to providing a high level of customer service that includes prompt delivery of a consistently high quality product.


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